Coronavirus update

We are pleased to announce that all the retailers in the Putney Exchange Shopping Centre and on Lacy Road have all reopened for business. This includes some of the last to open such as our hairdressers, gyms, and spa operators.

The team working at the centre as well as all our retail businesses have been working very hard to ensure that we have been able to open and to help make your shopping experience as safe and ‘normal’ as possible.

Whilst not mandatory for the shopping centre we have ordered non-touch sanitising stations so that you can be sure that you are entering a safe environment & leaving safely too.

Each retailer has additionally implemented their own hygiene routine which they will inform you of as you enter their shop.

There are also a number of signs and floor stickers that we have installed to guide you on social distancing and any other wayfinding that we have implemented to help with traffic flow and reduce queuing times.

We ask that you help us and our retailers by following any directions provided which are designed to keep you and our shopping centre partners and colleagues safe.

Our public toilets and baby change/feeding station are now open to the public and we have enhanced our cleaning regime of both to clean them more frequently. We have also restricted access to some cubicles and urinals to aid with social distancing.

Our centre management team, security personnel and hygiene team are working daily to support all our retailers and customers so please feel free to reach out to them if you feel you need any help or guidance. They are there to help you.

When you visit you may have to queue or wait longer to access services but please be patient and courteous to our team who only want ensure your visit with us is a safe one as the virus remains an invisible threat.

You will find store trading hours will continue to vary from store to store as this new ‘normal’ of shopping develops so we encourage you to check with the store websites or in store for specific details. Most shops open at 9am and some at 10am. Waitrose open 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and 11am-5pm Sunday.

The car park is fully open and we ask that you select your parking space with social distancing in mind. We have a large car park with sufficient capacity for all.

You may also notice that whilst the centre was partially closed during Covid19 lockdown (March-May), we have undertaken a full mall redecoration and updated our baby care facility for feeding and changing. This is part of our continued investment into your local Putney shopping centre.

We have also now installed long awaited seating outside Waitrose which is both environmentally friendly from sustainable sources, but also able to be fully recycled and reused in the future should it ever need replacing.

We have chosen a sleek and comfortable design that we hope you will find aesthetically pleasing, as well as installing the felt tree design to make the space feel a bit more intimate connecting you to nature and providing you with the opportunity to spend a quiet moment or two, before continuing on with your shopping experience.

We look forward to welcoming you back in the centre and we appreciate the patronage you give the retailers in our centre, many of whom are independent small businesses. Now, more than every they rely on you shopping and supporting them and we appreciate every £pound that you spend with us.

Stay well, stay safe, and see you in our centre.

Wishing you well,

Anne Partridge
Manager for Putney Exchange Shopping Centre
Prevent COVID-19 Online Training
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