The Palmhouse Putney Exchange

Putney Exchange Shopping Centre have been asked a number of questions about The Palmhouse that is planned to occupy a section of our carpark rooftop. Here are a few of the common questions we have been asked about the venue and how it will be run. We hope the information below answers all of your questions. We feel very excited about The Palmhouse proposal that,was approved by planners in April 2019. It will be a venue for Putney residents, workers and visitors alike to come and enjoy a meal or a drink with friends and family.

We absolutely believe this unique concept will help contribute to the revitalisation of the Putney High Street and town centre for businesses, residents and workers.

What is The Palmhouse exactly?

Our proposal is to create a garden eatery comprising three restaurants, two ancillary bars and space for a maximum of 233 people per restaurant.

It will look and feel like an open air venue, providing Putney with a unique offer that isn’t found anywhere else in the town centre.

Why is Putney Exchange so keen on having The Palmhouse concept happen?

The Putney Exchange shopping centre has been part of the town centre since 1990. In that time we have seen first hand the changes in retail and shopping habits. We all have seen the reports about High Streets across the UK that are struggling to draw shoppers into town and empty units where there used to be thriving businesses. Here at Putney Exchange, we are constantly working with the Putney town council, residents, and our retailers to come up with ideas to encourage people and businesses to come into the town centre. We are always open to new ideas and ways to re-energise the town centre attracting not only Putney people, but everyone to visit.

The Palmhouse is one such idea. We have seen the great success and popularity with which Incipio Events have taken off across London. They have created a bespoke concept for Putney that we believe will reenergise the town, support the retailers of the shopping centre and encourage more people to come shop, visit, and spend their social and leisure time. We know that the more great places and venues there are in Putney, the stronger our town centre will become.

Where is The Palmhouse going to be located?

The venue will cover approximately 997sq m (10,732 sq ft) of the existing Putney Exchange rooftop car park which is under-utilised at present.

What are the hours of operation?

The proposed opening hours are midday until 11:30 pm; all licensable activities will cease 30 minutes before end of day closing time (11:00pm).

How will customers access and reach The Palmhouse on the Putney Exchange rooftop car park?

Access to The Palmhouse will be through the Putney Exchange Shopping Centre to avoid any queuing on the High Street.

All guests/customers visiting, security and staff will be contained within the Putney Exchange Shopping Centre and not on the High Street or surrounding streets.

How busy is The Palmhouse going to be?

In the ordinary course of events we estimate that the venue will operate at approximately 70% capacity during peak and between 30-50% at other times.

What are the plans around noise management for the Putney community?

We have taken careful consideration of any noise that may be produced from the venue and area and we are pleased to say that due to its location on the roof of the car park above the High Street any noise generated will be minimal. A Noise Report was submitted with the application to address noise from: The proposed plant and equipment; and The proposed use.

The Noise Report confirms that the proposed Palmhouse will not have an adverse impact in terms of noise. The Palmhouse has been carefully designed with suitable materials to ensure noise breakout is limited. The full report (prepared by Clarke Saunders) is available through Wandsworth Council for Public Viewing.

Is the construction of The Palmhouse going to mean a loss of car parking spaces at The Putney Exchange shopping centre?

The Transport Statement within our application confirms that despite the loss of car parking spaces, there is has been a clear trend over the past few years in declining car park usage so the construction of The Palmhouse will use these disused spaces, leaving sufficient capacity to support the existing shopping centre and the proposed Palmhouse development.

A Transport Statement was submitted with the application to address the impact on:

  • The loss of car parking spaces at the shopping centre;
  • The shopping centre car park from the proposed use; and
  • The surrounding streets from the proposed use.

When this venue opens, is it going to mean more traffic and parking issues in Putney?

The Palmhouse will not result in an increase in use of the surrounding on-street car parking; indeed, the applicant believes that the majority of customers will use existing public transport facilities serving Putney town centre. The full report (prepared by Robert West) is available through Wandsworth Council for Public Viewing.

How are you going to manage the deliveries to The Palmhouse?

All deliveries will arrive and leave via the existing shopping centre access route via Lacy Road, and servicing hours are to be confined to current Putney Exchange servicing hours restrictions.

Wasn’t there another application before this for Pergola on the Roof?

Yes, there was. Initially, there was a plan submitted for a food and beverage dining concept called ‘Pergola on the Roof’ by Incipio Group. Whilst the approved plan for The Palmhouse is by the same operator (Incipio Group) as the popular London Prince and Pergola on the Roof venues, this new concept ‘The Palmhouse’ has been tailor-made especially for Putney.

The Palmhouse ​concept takes on board and addresses the concerns raised during the first planning application and the improved plan that has now been approved delivers a unique proposition to Putney. Therefore, a straight comparison of these venues should not be made as they have been created from different criteria. Incipio Group and Putney Exchange will create a rooftop eatery that Putney residents and workers will be proud of having within their town centre. We have carefully considered all feedback to date and worked hard to ensure the concept delivers for the overall benefit of Putney.

Has the plan been officially approved?

Yes, the plan for The Palmhouse has been officially approved by the Wandsworth Council Planning Committee in late April 2019.

What are the next steps?

Over the next few weeks and months we will be sharing info as it happens. Do keep visiting our website, sign up to our email newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to hear the latest news about The Palmhouse or our other retailer and centre news as we share it.

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Note: These pictures of The Palmhouse are an artist impression based on the current plans submitted for approval.