The Palmhouse Putney Exchange

The Palmhouse, Putney Exchange, London SW15

We are delighted to inform you that on April 25th 2019, our planning application for the creation of The Palmhouse was approved by the Wandsworth Council Planning Committee. This is a very exciting development for Putney town centre as well all of us here at the Putney Exchange Shopping Centre and it is another step in our ongoing contribution towards the revitalisation and investment of Putney town centre.

The Palmhouse will operate from midday to 11pm at night, catering to customers meeting for brunch, lunch and afternoon tea as well as evening dining. A family friendly element and menu is a key part to this new concept and its aim is to be green and environmentally conscious, recycling all materials where possible. This includes living plants to create a green space in a previously under-utilised area of the car park.

The Palmhouse Putney Exchange

A quick review of the background story

In February 2018, a joint planning application was submitted by Blackrock UK Property Fund, the owners of Putney Exchange Shopping Centre and Incipio Group, the team who will develop the rooftop dining concept. Following feedback and input from the community and stakeholders a second proposal was then submitted the week of 7th January 2019 and it presented a revised plan to make it even more bespoke and sensitive to Putney and its needs.

The plan is to create a green rooftop venue for all to enjoy and appreciate with sensitivity to the local residents and businesses in the area. Crucially, The Palmhouse will provide an essential point of difference for Putney in relation to its surrounding areas and breathe desperately needed life and vitality back into the town centre.

Here at Putney Exchange, we are thrilled that this project and venue will happen! We look forward to being able to deliver a wonderful rooftop dining experience for everyone to enjoy.

We will keep you informed via the website, email communications and our social media channels of the plans and timings around build and launch. We look forward to welcoming you all here to enjoy a wonderful day or evening gathering with friends, family and colleagues.