Christmas is upon us

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

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As the days get darker, the training load seems to be ramping up, and suddenly Christmas is upon us.

Sadly as rowers we don’t get much of a chance to partake in the usual Festive period merriment. December signifies more testing for us, and as a general rule of thumb the further through the season we get the more important the testing becomes. We’ll be in our singles racing off against each other once again, trying to push on the group but also watching our backs.

Right now I’m on a training camp in Majorca, and no that isn’t sun, sea and sangria. More like hills, ergos and more hills. We take the opportunity earlier on in the season to go on a cross training camp. Heading to Majorca to saddle up, and thrash ourselves on our road bikes for 2 weeks.

It’s a fantastic place to go cycling, now and again we might even see the flash of a professional cyclist out on the roads. It’s a real test of physiology and mental endurance, with some challenging hills to climb and huge distances to conquer.

Cycling is a great form of endurance training, and I always enjoy the opportunity to practice a different sport. Seeing Putney High Street transformed into a sporting arena the day the Olympic road race came along is such a wonderful memory, and it meant Putney can now claim to be an Olympic venue!

So back onto Christmas, and as all of you are having a great time at your parties and cramming in the chocolate oranges spare us a thought.

We’ll be training throughout the holidays and it’ll be week to resist the temptation of all that it offers. With a final push out of 2015, and at long last ushering in 2016. 9 months and counting.

Jess Eddie. Double Olympian, member of the Great British Rowing Team.