Ladies Day

Ladies Day at the races With their glossy manes, well-groomed coats and newly shod feet, don’t let the horses of Ascot overshadow your day at the races! Phase Eight has furlongs of the latest fashions, making you a firm favourite for one of the best weeks of the year. Ascot week runs from Tuesday 20th [...]

Blåbär’s 1st Anniversary

The weekend 4th-5th of February anyone can enter and take part. Participants receive 1 cinnamon bun, 1 glass of water and 1 chance to beat the clock to become the champion cinnamon bun eater of 2017. Be the first to get your name engraved on the Champion Cup!

Discover Martial Fitness

Whether you’re up for a new challenge or way to get fit & find yourself hitting the mats at Kickboxing (for adults, teens & kids) or Kung Fu, learning the noble art of Boxing, sweating it out at Boxfit, rebalancing & chilling at Pilates or Yoga, finding your rhythm at Capoeira – or focussing on your own personal goals working with a Personal Trainer – whatever you do you won’t regret it.

Putney Party

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016 – 10am to 5pm. Watch the Great River Race of over 400 boats on the River Thames