Blåbär’s 1 year Anniversary – The only way to celebrate is with a Cinnamon Bun Eating Championship.

The weekend 4th-5th of February 2017

Blåbär a New Nordic Lifestyle store & cafe in Putney, recognised by Elle Decoration as ‘Interior of the Week’, is in early February approaching its 1st birthday. The response from the local & Scandi community has been unified – Scandinavian lifestyle and design is still very much in fashion. The star product, the cinnamon bun, is stealing the show.

A year after opening, Blåbär has proven that Scandi living is not a fad – and that Fika is the word of 2017. From day 1 the Fika culture has been embraced by customers, and the word is spreading. An integral point of the Nordic community is coffee time, also known as fika. The region is home to 3 of the top 5 coffee drinking countries in the world, so cafes have become social institutions – taking the roll that pubs traditionally have in the UK. At Blåbär the coffee is from the award winning eco and Fairtrade Swedish brand Johan and Nyström.

The cinnamon buns are as much a part of the Fika concept as coffee – and have drawn many Blåbär customers to addiction, one likening it to Crack (to be clear it is totally legal). Thus for obvious reasons Blåbär is celebrating its birthday with a cinnamon bun eating championship, where all proceeds go to the charity ‘Renewable World’.

The weekend 4th-5th of February anyone can enter and take part. Participants receive 1 cinnamon bun, 1 glass of water and 1 chance to beat the clock to become the champion cinnamon bun eater of 2017. Be the first to get your name engraved on the Champion Cup!

Of course the Fika tradition also has elements of Hygge, which was the word of the year 2016. One of the elements these Scandinavian concepts have in common involves being in a relaxed, cosy environment with good company. Blåbär aims to create a stylishly designed Scandinavian space in London, where customers feel at home and can become inspired to bring Scandinavian interiors to their own homes. Blåbär was recognised by Elle Decoration UK as ‘Interior of the Week’ in 2016.

Blåbär is a lifestyle store as well as a café, and works with independent Nordic designers, exclusively bringing many new products to the UK. The best selling products at Blåbär are no surprise candles, and warm interior details including Icelandic sheepskin and Swedish Reindeer skins.

Visit their website: https://blabar.london/